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About GEHA

The Georgia Environmental Health Association (GEHA) 
is a non-profit, professional organization, 
dedicated to promoting, supporting, training, and registering, 
individuals working in environmental health fields throughout 
government, academia, industry and business

GEHA's Constitution and By-Laws

Georgia Department of Public Health
Environmental Health Section

Inspections and permitting of: on-site sewage management systems, food service establishments, tourist accommodations, personal care homes, institutions, and public swimming pools. 

Additional programs include
: childhood lead poisoning prevention, rabies and vector control, injury prevention, hazardous materials exposure investigations, Georgia healthy farmers, epidemiological investigations, indoor air quality, nuisance complaints, individual and non-public water systems, and occupational health assistance.

Department of Agriculture - Consumer Protection Division

Inspection and permitting of: food products including meats, eggs and milk in grocery stores, bakeries, food processing plants, bottled water and soft drink bottling plants, farmers markets and meat and seafood dealers.

Additional activities include: inspection of all commercial scales and fuel pumps for accuracy, licenses and monitors commercial nurseries, lawn care companies, exterminators, pesticides, pet and animal industries, tests dairy cattle and equipment, assures proper formulation of fertilizers, pesticides, feeds and fuels, enforces fair standards in the purchase of grain and livestock, inspects bedding manufacturers for quality and proper content, monitors the health of livestock in the state as well as those imported into Georgia.

University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

University of Georgia College of Public Health

Georgia Southern University College of Public Health


Georgia Business and industry 

Georgia business and industry support and encourage a wide variety of environmental leadership initiatives. They share a commitment to the environment based on the principle that they shall conduct business in ways that protect and preserve our environment. Furthermore, they promote a philosophy of shared responsibility, where all participants in the supply chain accept responsibility for the environmental impacts occurring in their specific part of the chain. Working together with suppliers, customers, regulators and other environmental partners, Georgia business and industry achieve an effective balance between responsible environmental and economic stewardship.